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Exciting News!!!!

Want to become a kids yoga teacher immediately? If you are teaching classes to adults, you know that the market is now FLOODED with yoga teachers all vying for the same studio jobs. YET, there is a dearth of high-quality children's yoga teachers and training courses to address the high demand for kids yoga teachers. We are proud to help fill this void with the announcement of the all-new Pretzel Kids online school and teacher training course! This is the most comprehensive, immersive and lowest cost kids' yoga certification on the market today. To learn more and sign up for the online school, please go to Pretzel Kids! 

About our past training courses: 
Our 200-hour TT Course is on hiatus but see below for information:

We were the first TT course in the country to incorporate into our teacher training program!

Here are some things you might want to know about the Breathe Joy Yoga vinyasa course:
*We are a mentoring/apprenticeship program. 

* We are immersive ....Our course is not just a run-of-mill course. We are only run once a year, allowing us to dedicate time during and outside the course to mentor you. Our course
is designed for everyone looking to deepen their personal practice and increase their knowledge of yoga. Although many of our students have gone on to become successful yoga instructors and studio owners, others have chosen not to teach yoga but to go down other paths in life.

* We are experience ...We have been running teacher training courses for seven years and have developed our course in-house (this is not a franchise or a program with multiple locations.)

* We are ever-changing and flexible .....We enhance our course every year based on student and faculty feedback. We add in new material and classes/workshops to augment the learning experience for YOU.

* We are community; we are a teaching studio/yoga school .....Because we
are run out of this studio and not an outside program that rents space, our program and students are an important part of our studio community. We add asana classes onto the schedule based on your schedule and we are available to mentor you in your asana classes as well as your TT classes.

* We are dedicated...Our staff is comprised of dedicated teachers who have been running teacher training courses and leading cutting-edge workshops for decades. These are people you want to study with!

*We are small and personal....You will not ever feel like a number here, especially as your class size will be limited to ten students. You will have the opportunity to start practicing teaching poses and sequences from day one in our unique "asana lab" setting.

More details about our unique course......

Are you looking to learn more about yourself and dig down deep? Do you want to find more purpose in your life and make a difference in the lives of others? Do you want to teach and share your love of yoga with others? Our October -February Teacher Training and Apprenticeship Course, offered at Breathe Joy Yoga, may be just what you're seeking whether your goal is to teach yoga or simply to journey within your soul. This program is truly unique in the marketplace due to the extraordinary focus on personal growth and incorporating yogic principles into your life on and off the mat. Our next course begins in October 2011. To receive an application packet, please call Robyn @ 781-784-4848 or send an email to Read on for more details by scrolling down!

Breathe Joy Yoga's 200+ hour registered Yoga Alliance teacher training program integrates the physical, mental, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of yoga.  Our apprenticeship-style program -- found rarely in teacher training programs today -- allows plenty of time for individual growth and learning. To this end, our teacher training course incorporates a mentorship aspect so each student can work with one of our highly gifted teachers to find their own voice as a dynamic yoga teacher. This is accomplished through class participation as well as assisting and student teaching with our staff at our studio. You will also teach your own classes at BJY or elsewhere. Our staff/your mentor attends these classes, offering feedback and helpful suggestions. This, in turn, enables you to grow as a student and skilled yoga teacher. As we offer extensive individual attention, our program is only run once a year.
There are many teacher training programs available and it is important that you find the right fit for you. Our course weaves all aspects of yoga together in a way t
hat allows students to digest, understand and disseminate the information. Each class is themed so that students are able to comprehend how to integrate asana with meditation, pranayama, bandhas, chakras, and yoga philosophy and ethics.  Our program also incorporates some advanced concepts and classes generally not taught in 200-hour programs. With this said, a large part of our curriculum focuses on the practical aspect of sequencing classes for a desired energetic effect and teaching this back in a real class setting. In essence, you will learn how to teach from your mat and take your deep studies off the mat with you to enhance your life and those of your future students. So how will you know if our program is the course you've been seeking?

Breathe Joy's teacher training is right for you if you want to deepen your yoga practice and experience life-changing, personal growth. It is right for you if you want to share your love for yoga with others in a safe, effective
and entirely unique way. It is right for you if you want a full, comprehensive yoga experience and to learn from teachers who are committed to the practice and healing art of yoga. It is right for you if you want to learn from an integrative approach that is not found in most teacher training programs today. It is right for you if you want to practice yoga on and off your mat; in your life and out in the world.

Our course is designed for either those who want to teach or those who just want to learn more about yoga and journey within the soul.

It is right for you if you are a serious seeker.

Upon graduation, you will be a certified yoga teacher and eligible to become a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT-200).

The program interweaves:

* Off the Mat's Yoga in Action
*Yoga asana and alignment
*Anatomy and physiology
*Yoga psychology (Chakras)
*Mudras and Bandhas
*Yoga philosophy
*Yoga ethics and lifestyle
* Sequencing
*A variety of workshops in other yoga styles to complement your Hatha knowledge
*Student teaching and assisting our staff in studio classes
*And more!

Our esteemed staff is comprised of some of the most committed yoga instructors in New England and beyond including:

* Robyn Parets, E-RYT, director of Breathe Joy Yoga and founder of Pretzel Kids
* Karendayal Foster, director of Bliss Life Yoga
* David Vendetti, owner of South Boston Yoga
* Dharmashakti, E-RYT, owner of Nob Hill Yoga in New Mexico (see
* Leslie Howard, national presenter at Yoga Journal Conferences and a sought after presenter (see
* Daniel Orlansky, Kundalini, Kali Ray TriYoga and Meridian Yoga instructor
* Michelle Connelly, RYT, pediatric nurse, and childbirth educator
* Sylvia Mignon, RYT, meditation and pranayama instructor at Breathe Joy Yoga
* Other Instructors TBA

The cost for the program is $2,795 and payment plans are available. This includes the Off the Mat course work and curriculum materials, as well as the Breathe Joy Yoga TT training manual. Other fees not included: Your books, as well as your asana classes, which are required as part of personal practice in order to graduate.  


1) Deposits of $695 are due by September 15 to hold your spot, payable by check to Breathe Joy Yoga or online below*
2) The remaining $2,100 is due at the first class by check. If you wish to pay online by credit card, please let us know and we can set this up for you* 
3) A payment plan is available once the deposit is paid. The remaining total fee for the payment plan (spread out over 5 payments of $480 each) is $2,400.

* Pay your deposit through Paypal by clicking the button below (please note: there is a $25 administrative fee if paying online.)

*Teacher training course deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once the program begins, there are no tuition refunds. Make-ups will be available at an additional cost for classes missed.

"The Breathe Joy Yoga teacher training program was so much more than I had expected in a teacher training BJY TT Class of 2009/2010program.  I left the program feeling well-prepared to teach, having received a thorough grounding in the physical aspects of yoga, the philosophical basis of the practice, and the business of being a yoga instructor.  However, the program was so much more than simply a training program; the experiences, study, and practices that were part of the program not only informed who I am as a teacher but also who I am as a person.  I was pushed in ways that I never expected and experienced incredible personal growth.  The program was well-organized and supervised by Robyn and her staff of dedicated, experienced, and caring teachers who took a genuine interest in each student and fostered a sense of community that extends beyond the conclusion of the program.  The Breathe Joy Yoga teacher training was a life changing experience and provided me with an invaluable foundation as I strike out on my yoga path" -- Sarah Bierman, RYT, 2009 BJY TT graduate


  "The first time I stepped foot into Breathe Joy Yoga, I knew I had found someplace very special. It was clear that at Breathe Joy Yoga, the instructors were knowledgeable, caring and truly committed to making sure that we developed to our fullest potential. The teacher training curriculum thoroughly covered what was needed to teach yoga postures, alignments and adjustments, breathing techniques, yoga philosophy and even the business side of teaching yoga. I learned so much more than I ever expected. However, what was so valuable and beyond compare was the personal journey of self discovery. Robyn and her wonderful staff guided us along our individual paths and supported us every step of the way. My path has taken me full circle and I was honored to be asked to teach here on a regular basis. For me, Breathe Joy Yoga has become my second home" -- Meagan Krasner, MS, RYT, 2009 BJY TT graduate 

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