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About Us
"Our mission is to offer mind/body classes that will enhance your life - from the inside out. From the moment you enter the studio, you will instantly know why I decided to call it Breathe Joy. The serene environment sets the tone for the next hour plus - a special place where you can simply "breathe joy." Hatha yoga, an ancient healing art that links the breath to movement, has brought joy to my life. I hope it will do the same for you" -- Robyn Parets, director of Breathe Joy Yoga

Breathe Joy teachers:

Robyn Parets, Yoga Teacher, Director of Breathe Joy Yoga, Founder/Creator of Pretzel Kids

Besides running BJY, Robyn Parets is also a journalist who has written for many well-known publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Inc. Magazine Group, and Investor's Business Daily (IBD). After years of deadlines, Robyn's life was interrupted by a neurological disorder. She stumbled upon yoga as a way to build back strength and heal. Now devoted to yoga, she inspires students to tap into their own healing potential (physical, mental and/or spiritual).

In 2004, Robyn launched Pretzel Kids, which incorporates Hatha yoga postures with fun, imaginative games and relaxation techniques for children and teens ( Robyn also runs the teacher training program at Breathe Joy Yoga and, until it closed, she was a featured guest teacher at New Age Health Spa in New York, one of the nation's top destination spa resorts.

Robyn is grateful to all those who have taught her to follow her instinct to live a life fulfilled. These teachers include her mentor and teacher, Diane Lagadec; as well as her children, her husband, her parents, her students and her own heart. She aims to instill a sense of well-being and happiness in her students and clients of all ages.

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Heidi White, Certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer

Heidi has been practicing yoga for ten years and graduated from Breathe Joy Yoga's intensive teacher training course. Her passion for yoga deepened several years ago when she experienced extreme anxiety and turned to yoga and breathing practices. Heidi says that “yoga has become a way of life” for her. “Practicing yoga on and off the mat helps me to be grounded and live in the present moment, allowing me to feel more at ease each and every day.” In addition to yoga, Heidi became certified in Personal Training to fulfill her desire and commitment to helping people attain fitness and health related goals. Heidi holds a Masters Degree in Public Health which has helped her design appropriate fitness programs for her clients.

Heidi is excited to be a part of the Breathe Joy Yoga staff and is eager to share both her professional and personal experiences and knowledge with students.

Meagan Krasner, RYT

Meagan Krasner graduated from the Breathe Joy Yoga 200-hour teacher training program and is honored to now be a regular teacher at Breathe Joy Yoga and part of the BJY teacher training staff. She has been practicing for several years and knew that learning more about yoga and teaching yoga was a path she must follow. Discovering yoga changed her life. After having her third child, she needed an outlet to find inner peace and yoga provided this. Her goal is to help others find the joy and peace that yoga brings to life, both on and off the mat. She looks forward to continuing to educate herself and learn from additional yoga masters. In addition to teaching yoga to adults, Meagan is a certified Pretzel Kids instructor.                
She was one of the first to finish this course and is now on the PK training staff, specializing in teaching children with special needs. Meagan holds an M.S. in Genetic Counseling and enjoys playing with her children, cooking, and reading. She adores her three children and is an avid animal lover. 

Sylvia Mignon, RYT, Meditation and Yoga Instructor

Sylvia I. Mignon has practiced yoga for 24 years and is a 2008 graduate of the Breathe Joy Yoga Teacher Training program. Sylvia’s teachers include Donald Peccerill, Barbara Benagh, and Fern Ross Israel. She especially appreciates yoga in the Iyengar tradition for its emphasis on precision and attention to detail in poses. Sylvia wants to spread the word that everyone, regardless of health status, can benefit from yoga practice. Over the past year she has taught the monthly pranayama/meditation class at Breathe Joy and in 2009, Sylvia joined the faculty of the Breathe Joy Teacher Training Program.

Michelle Connolly RN, Certified Childbirth Education and Certified Yoga Teacher

Michelle Connolly, our amazing prenatal yoga teacher, has been a nurse since 1993, has practiced Hatha yoga since 1995, and has taught prepared childbirth classes since 2005.  She was originally drawn to yoga along her path of self-discovery by its unification of the mind and the body.  Yoga has been a constant in Michelle's life ever since; through pregnancy, personal crisis and surgery.  Michelle wanted to become a certified yoga teacher for many years and graduated Breathe Joy Yoga's teacher training course. She considers the 200-hour teacher training program at Breathe Joy Yoga to be "the best gift" she's ever given herself.

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