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Class Prices

Below are the session dates for winter/spring classes. Students signing up receive a 10-class card to use for classes on either Monday night or Friday mornings, offering you maximum flexibility.  Drop-ins are always welcome!

Monday night dates (January 11-April 4) from 7:30-8:45 pm* 

Friday morning dates (January  22-April 15) from 9-10:15 am*  

Cost: $140 (plus online service fee)*

Single Class:

Sessions are for 10 classes but span across more weeks, taking into account holidays. Check with studio for any skip dates prior to coming to class. Please call the studio at 781-784-4848 or email us at to purchase a prorated class card.


Session price (one hour): $95

3-Session Deal: $210

Please call Robyn at 781-784-4848 to learn more and schedule your session.

About Reconnective Healing:

Reconnective Healing is a HANDS-OFF session that requires no sound, tuning forks, healing symbols, crystals, chakras , intentions, or even a belief in its existence. Reconnective Healing is a way to help you return to an optimal state of balance, vitality, and well-being. This may result in healings or just simply feeling more at ease or relaxed.

How does it work? You lay down, close your eyes and relax. The practitioner accesses the energy field with her hands. This field then connects with your energy field and vibrates at a higher frequency. I know, sounds a bit "out there." It's not and it is.  Energy is everything we are made up of organically -- we know this. Light is the resonance and communication within these frequencies. While science continues to explore how it works, Reconnective Healing has been confirmed and documented in more than a dozen international studies. When the practitioner connects with the vibrational field and the client, we all emit and vibrate at a higher level of light and this can evoke change in the body's DNA.  During YOUR Reconnective Healing session, this energy, light and information can be felt by YOU -- even when your session is conducted via distance (we all know that energy -- take a look at light and sound -- travels and knows no bounds).

Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques. 
It’s tangible, it's measurable… you can actually feel it. See for yourselves!

To learn more about Reconnective Healing or schedule your session, send an email to or call 781-784-4848. To learn more about the history and science of Reconnective Healing, go to

Mat Rental: $1

Water bottle: $1

Private yoga session: $95/hour; $130/1.5 hours. A private session is tailored to the individual needs of the student. This can include Reconnective Healing while in Savasana.

Gift Certificates: Available in any amount. Purchase here and email us with instructions as to who to mail the gift to. We will send the recipient a card with the gift certificate enclosed! 
Purchase here:



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